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Achievement of the Client's Business Goal Drives the Technical Work


Any project with DAT starts with a crystal clear, mutual understanding of our client's overall business objective. The technical work is then designed to support the achievement of this objective.



We Make It Easy to Work With Us!


DAT is a client-focused company. An overriding objective of DAT is to make it easy for you to work with us. How do we accomplish this? By adopting business practices that put the client first. We start with friendly, courteous service and a "can-do" attitude. We set up projects in a matter of hours or a day or two at most, not weeks, so we can start addressing your concern immediately. We invoice promptly and use straightforward billing practices with no markup on project-related expenses and no administrative labor charges. Our invoices are crystal clear and easy to understand. We respond to your emails and phone calls promptly. These practices ensure that your concern is handled in a smooth and timely manner from start to finish.

Top Quality Writing on All Reports and Correspondence


Clear, concise, to-the-point writing is a hallmark of our work. Well-written, transparent, and well-documented reports expedite agency review and approval, and help to minimize time-consuming agency review comments.

 Why work with us?

Personalized Service from the Principal On All Projects


You will be working directly with Dr. Paul Damian, Founder and Principal of DAT. Dr. Damian seeks to provide the utmost in responsive, personalized service.

Our Business Philosophy

Damian Applied Toxicology, LLC


Regular Communication With the Client


DAT emphasizes close communication with the client throughout the course of a project. This communication begins with ensuring that DAT and the client have the same clear view of the work to be conducted and its objective. As the project continues, regular contact with the client is maintained to keep the client apprised of the general progress being made and any new developments which may affect the outcome of the work. In addition, the client is notified when any interim results are obtained that may be immediately useful to the client.

Fast Turnaround!


As a small business we offer the advantage of very fast setup of your project so we can get started right away. Most importantly, DAT also provides much faster turnaround on work products than other companies. Finally, DAT promises responses to client communications measured in terms of minutes and hours rather than days.

We Bring the Latest Science to the Problem


The field of risk assessment is very dynamic, with critical changes and new developments occurring on almost a daily basis. DAT staff stay abreast of these changes so that our work products are truly state-of-the-science and consistent with the latest regulatory requirements.